Is Herbal Alchemy also selling to consumers?

No, we only sell to verified therapists.

Are the prices including or excluding VAT?

All prices mentioned are without VAT.

How do i create an account?

You can apply for your account here. We will verify your account and get in touch with you before you are allowed to order.

How do i get in touch?

You can find all the contact details at our contact page.

Are there any courses about formula's?

Yes, Marcoleon shares his 20 years experience in the form of online courses. you can send an email to him.

Are there any shipping costs?

Yes, we charge 7.50 euro shipping costs. Orders above the €220 ex VAT are free of shipping costs. Outside the Netherlands orders above €440 ex VAT are free of shipping costs

Is there also an Herbal Alchemy Community?

Yes, there is a closed group on Facebook. Registered therapists will be allowed to join.